New Trails News!

New Trails News!


To All Off-Road Enthusiasts in SW Washington:

As you may have heard there is good news brewing in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. After nearly seven years of planning we are finally going to begin building new 4x4, ATV, and Dirt Bike trails as part of the first phase of the DNR's ten year recreation plan for the Yacolt Burn.

Yes, it's true - it's actually going to happen!

Leadership from the Jones Creek Trail Riders Association (JCTRA), and Piston’s Wild Motorsports as well as other supporting organizations has already engaged in several meetings with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to discuss the “nuts and bolts” of implementing the trail building process.

Throughout the month of May, our groups will be working on the ground with the DNR finalizing trail layout and roughing in the first sections of new trails. Much of the roughing in process will be handled using heavy equipment, so the need for volunteers will be minimal during the month of May.

To put it simply, JCTRA will take the lead on building most of the ATV and Dirt Bike (single-track) trails and Piston’s Wild Motorsports will take the lead on building the 4X4 trails. Both groups will be working in cooperation with the DNR and in accordance with the approved plan. In most cases there will be separate operations going on in the forest for these projects although it will not be uncommon to share resources to promote building trails at the least cost and the highest rate of efficiency. In some cases volunteers may be asked to help out with either type of trail building project as the need arises.

Please remember that it is in all of our best interests to see both groups succeed as the trail projects are linked together. If one group falls too far behind, the other will not be allowed to proceed. This will be a team effort to bring additional motorized recreation to the Yacolt Burn!

So how can you help?

The best way to stay informed about the progress of the new trail building and what you can do to help is to register on the website (ATV/MC) or forum (4x4). Registering on these internet sites will add you to the respective clubs email address list which means you'll get up to date emails letting you know what's is going on, when there are work parties planned, and how you can get involved in the process. It is 100% free and you do not have to join or become a member of either club to be added to the email list(s). Registering is easy and you can have your name removed from the list(s) at any time. Simply click the word "register" to register for the JCTRA email list now.

Information about upcoming work parties can be found by clicking "WORK PARTY INFO"

Please bring work gloves, water, lunch, and come dressed for the weather. An ATV or dirt bike is not required, but you are welcome to bring one for transportation. In this case the job site is within walking distance from a road that you will be able to drive to.

JCTRA and/or the DNR will supply all necessary tools although you are welcome to bring your favorite shovel or rake if you like. Please do not bring personal chainsaws or power tools.

All volunteers will receive a free $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC gift card for each day you participate in the work party donated by Rocky Mountain ATV's Racegas program.
This work party is open to the public and will qualify as volunteer hours toward a free Discovery Pass.

For questions or more information email
We will also be posting periodic news and calls for volunteers on some of the local forums such as Thumpertalk, PNW4WDA and OMRA forums . . . but adding your name to these email lists is the only way to ensure that you will receive the most up to date and accurate information.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the trails ! ! !

UPDATE 08/12/2014


The trail is located just past where the A-loop splits off from the B/C loop. The trail is open to vehicles less than 52" in width (ATV's and Dirt Bikes).

The new trail is a relatively short section of trail of almost a mile in length. About two-thirds of the trail was created from an abandoned logging road and one-third is trail constructed from virgin ground. This was not our first choice for a new trail location but it does provide another alternative for riders heading up the B/C loop. Many more miles of new ATV and single-track trail are slated for construction over the next few years most of which is in territory separate from the current ABC loops.

The next section being constructed is a single-track trail. Bollards and other width restriction methods have already been put in place to help prevent ATV and 4X4 access to the new single-track trail. Access to legal single-track trail is highly desired at Jones Creek and we ask that riders please avoid attempting to circumvent the width restrictions to operate wider vehicles on the new single-track trails. Over the three phases of the plan approximately 34 miles of ATV width trail will be built in comparison to the planned ten miles of single-track.

All of these trails will be almost 100% volunteer built and your help is definitely needed. Our next work party is scheduled for the weekend of August 23rd. We will meet at the Jones Creek staging area at 8:30 AM Saturday, August 23rd. Please being gloves and come dressed for the weather. Lunch and water will be provided.

All volunteer hours count toward a free Discover Pass and all participants earn a $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC gift card in care of RMATC/MC Racegas.

We may also be working Thursday and/or Friday, August 21-22. If you are interested in helping out either of those two days please contact me directly at so I can get you where you need to go.